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30 April
Ugh. I got up late this morning because I stayed up too late last night watching a dvd. And today what have I accomplished? I graded two research papers (done!) and got sucked into Mary Chesnut's civil war diary. The diary serves a purpose - I want to assign some of it next semester, and thus I have to read it to figure out precisely which thirty pages or so I am going to use. And Chesnut is very clever and funny and observant. It's a great source. But I cannot spend a whole afternoon on it!

I STILL HAVE NOT GOTTEN reimbursed for that interview in February. It's not like it's causing me awful financial problems or anything, but it's enough money that I sort of want it back, you know? I got the form they sent me in the mail (after two months) and filled it out and sent it back, which was supposed to lead to them sending me a check, and I think I am going to have to send another politely worded email to ask whether they got it or not. This does not have to be this hard.


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